La matrice del caos

A remote galaxy. A clash of hidden forces. Chaos once again demands control of the universe. Young Randolph Reed learns the value of friendship, freedom and sacrifice the hard way. From the goliardic youth down into the abyss of war and betrayal. The future still holds a severe test for Randolph: he will have to immerse himself in the original magma that saw the galaxy spring up: the Ius Primus. But Randolph is not alone.

This volume, in a limited edition of only 50 copies and accompanied by an unpublished short story, collects for the first time the complete cycle of Randolph Reed's adventures, originally published in "Collezione 100% Schizzo": "Dinamiche di gruppo - Anteprima", "Gaudeamus Igitur", "Gelatineide - Battaglia per Deneb", "Xilom - Il signore della guerra" and "Ius Primus - Brodo primordiale". 

Script, illustrations and cover: Alessandro Fusari
Centro Fumetto “A. Pazienza”, 2014